General Wishlist thread.

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General Wishlist thread.

Post by Bosca on January 12th 2015, 7:52 pm

I just thought it was fun reading people's ideas for improving Tekken. So why not see what improvements you want for non-fighting games.

Animal Crossing.
- I think players should be allowed choose where animals can plot their homes. It's so frustrating to have some cute little shit ruin your towns layout and possibly destroying your path and hybrid flowers.

- More Holidays/Events. This game has holidays like Halloween and Christmas (even St.Patricks day Alexz ). But just like irl, there are uneventful periods in the year and that can kill fun to be had with the villagers. I mean at least give us Pavé's Festivale twice a year. I mean, look at him go.

- Have a seperate storage/pockets for your tools. Mixing them up with items can make things too messy, plus getting rid of them to free up space is annoying cause they are too useful to go without.

- I get they want to keep appealing to kids, but seriously just consider older players for once and make the in-game battles slightly challenging. Making up rules to do so shouldn't be a thing.

- Nerf Fairy type, it's ridiculous how its got so many important resistances and immunity, with its two weaknessess being offensively non-existence. Just give it one more weakness to at least pretend you know how to balance the types.

- Give Umbreon something competively good. Like a usable ability like prankster or huge power (omg tho, 130 attk.. offensive tank yes pls). Sure he's not shit and is still used alot, but he's too predictable in what he does. They literally ignore him while giving Espeon and Sylveon so much good stuff.

That's all I can think of for now. It's a wishlist, it will never happen anyways, so don't worry bout being a demanding lil shit.  mwah

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Re: General Wishlist thread.

Post by CFW on January 12th 2015, 8:09 pm

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Re: General Wishlist thread.

Post by Meleenium on January 12th 2015, 9:15 pm

Dark Souls series:
- One game with Demon's Souls atmosphere(with a hint of the other two), Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2's covenants, D'sS or DKS2 style backstabs (small window), D'sS or DKS1 type movement(DKS2 is way too sluggish), not so many cop-out bosses like in DKS2, single player with D'sS type difficulty.


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Re: General Wishlist thread.

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